Do you measure your success by the happiness of others but feel exhausted with this never-ending task and resentful towards the people you love?

Maybe you dream about the life you envisioned for yourself and feel disappointment for not reaching the goals you set years ago.

Are you the people pleaser that believes your self-worth depends on how others value you and how well you balance your work life with your personal life but feel dread when you go to work and anxious with your relationships at home?

Maybe you are unhappy at work but stay because the money is good. Maybe you find comfort in the routine of uncomfortable relationships.

Do you want to be independent of the feelings of guilt for being unhappy with the life you have but also feel disconnected with your SELF?

Maybe the people in your life have expectations that do not match with yours but you don’t want to 'stir the pot' or be disagreeable.


If this sounds familiar, I understand because I am a lot like you. In this human experience, we crave acceptance, belonging and a desire for truth.


Even though I grew up in a family that loved me unconditionally and I was deeply involved with a religious community that taught me to be willing and ready to serve, I felt disconnected from the people I loved most. 


I have spent most of my life depending on others for feelings of purpose, connection, happiness, worthiness and love. After many years of loyalty to my faith and “choosing the right" I questioned the path to happiness that I learned from my childhood and lost many of the people I loved most who I depended on for my feelings of self-worth. Divorced after almost 20 years of marriage and being a stay at home Mom, I lost my support system and half of my family. I was married at the age of 17 and had never been on my own. My self-confidence was weak and I was scared and unsure of how to do many things because I had never done them before. 

I carried my desire to please into my professional life and quickly landed my dream job. My life long career as a highly functioning co-dependent left me feeling exhausted at work and anxious in my relationships. 

This is why I searched for peace though meditation, self-care and coaching. 


As a certified Life Coach and meditation teacher, along with my personal experience, I am an example of what is possible with the tools to help you get the results and clarity you are searching for and the confidence to live the life you love.



I help people:

💜 Gain Clarity and Confidence

💜 Change their stories of Guilt and Shame

💜 Find Passion in their work

💜 Find LOVE in their relationship with life

💜 Create Healthy Habits