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Coaching for the Life of your Dreams

   Hello my friends. I'm a lot like you.   

I'm Marcie. I am a Certified Life Coach, a mother of 3, a mema to 3 and a woman doing my best to be a little better each day.

I have spent a lot of my life with my internal compass pointing to the happiness of others. My need to please and disordered boundaries left me with unhealthy relationships and the lack of freedom over my own time. I would often leave all of the decision making to the others around me and play small in the corner. I followed the "rules" and tried to live up to the expectations set by my personal community and felt self-loathing and guilt for not reaching that standard. I had a "Someday List" a mile long that was only meant for dreaming and the disappointment of that felt tragic. All the while, you would find a smile on my face because I was taught as a child, "No one likes a frowny face, change it for a smile. Make the world a better place by smiling all the while." 


After years of study and learning to tap in to my inner voice, along with my training at The Life Coach School, I am now a Certified life coach and meditation guide. I am so proud of the work I get to do and THIS is how I get to make the world a better place!

About | Certified Life Coach | The Marcie Partie
About | Certified Life Coach | The Marcie Partie
About | Certified Life Coach | The Marcie Partie

What I have learned with coaching (and now I teach others), helped me build my confidence and opened my mind to how I want to show up for myself and those around me. It inspired me to gather my TRIBE together and create the life of my dreams. I am eager to pass on the amazing truth that you are, and will always be, 100% worthy!   

     My Mission     

I know what it is like to think "I should" be happy with what is, but still wonder what is possible. As your authenticity and awareness coach, I will help you shine a love light and bring your focus back to your inner world. You will create a practice that helps build confidence and find peace by exploring all of your future possibilities. Maybe you have been following the people pleasing path of "I should" or "I shouldn't" and the thoughts and dreams you have had on your someday list are buried so deep, you don't know where to start. Maybe you have been waiting for something or someone to give you the permission to do all of the things you have been dreaming about. What is it that you want most? You will explore what matters most to you and and develop the tools you need to love the life you have and live a life you love! YOU are the one that writes your own story. YOU decide the person you will be! DARE TO DREAM! 

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